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wish me luck :airborne::giggle:

Aaaaaah I'm really sorry that I really made this gallery into an abandoned page at all. Too many reasons to be mentioned. But I still love deviantart anyway :heart:
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Ive been offline for weeks, ah I dont enjoy being in front of screen as much as I did. But I promise couple of photos

new id had always made me feel thrilled:orange:

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I'm back with so much love love :blowkiss:

am ready for any bombshell things : )

p.s: check this ->

THANK YOU!:boogie:
I'll stop using deviantart for awhile, I'm sorry but I'll be back asap : )

geez... this is the most uncreative of me period
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sorry  for the late update .. I bought a new camera, it's nikon d60 with two lenses, I'm gonna post some new deviation with it soon : ) if you could teach me something, you should! teehee

by the way, you could see my new blog here, thank you :blowkiss:
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okay lemme start. May will end very soon. So? First of all, I've always been thinking that May is one of my favorite months as I had my birthday on May:giggle: Moreover I had an extra-lovely birthday since my boyfriend; Yohandi Mulya Chandra Deva and best buddies; Ghina - Anin - Fidhy gave me surprise oh oh I never felt like this before :rofl: I was ultimately happy ah I couldn't even say a word for this greatest moment. I love my buddies and my boyfriend. Okay enough talking about birthday.

Recently I've been wondering what am I supposed to do. Next week I'll have my final test at school. But all routine activities that I've had was only phoning my boyfriend*mwah:kiss:* all day, talking and making fun wif my friends at school.  Do they worth my time? I didn't even study as I should have. Until a couple days ago; my boyfriend scolded at me; he was mad of me because all the things I have and haven't done. Ironically, he's definitely true. My life was too much messed up and I didn't even think of making a change. Aaah I really wanna change now. Not for my boy, not for my friends neither my parents but for me myself. I know I could:)

I don't know what's more to say. I'll make a positive change but one thing that I won't change is my love for him; I'll spend my 24/7 for him. I know I do the right thing.

:music:Boy the way we are is how it's gonna be just as long as your love don't change--
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lovely days yeah I've just had a start of new days, hehahahaha ! I've left everything behind and open a new chapter of my life ! I 've just found my new sun yet a moon to brighten up my life all days :love: high high high yeaa

I love you more each day, the one whom I could deeply drown into ;-D
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Everynight I cry myself to sleep, thinking "Why does this happen to me? Why does every moment have to be so hard?"

After all you've done to me, you just give me a huge silly question mark that I didn't even compehend. Why did you do this to me? What do you actually want? Are you trying to make fun of me? It just doesn't seem right, it just doesn't seem funny at all. You just take the advantage of the fact that I love you beyond the reason why. Everyone said that I fell with a wrong person. It sounds now make sense after all the time. But I'm still a silly stubborn who can't hear what people just are saying.

How much pain must I have every single day?
How much tears should I spend every single night?
What does it really take for you? care just a little about me?
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have you ever felt something warm even you were alone?
and you kept smiling,and you didn't even know why ?
you kept doing something stupid,didn't care more about anything and anyone around you and kept remembering the same face,same person,again and again ?
have you ? or are you currently experiencing that kind of feeling?

If someone asked me that question,I'd replied yes.
wew ..

:music: You are my baby love, my baby love
You make the sun come up Oh boy (oh boy)
You're my everything that I could ever dream of
You are my baby love, my baby love
You make the sun come up Oh boy (oh boy)
You're my every, every, every, everything

every lovesong seems so wonderful ..
don't you think so,when you're fallin' in love ?

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Pertama-tama gw mo ngucapin met Idul Fitri buat semua yang ngerayain, termasuk gw.:D Walaupun telat banget sih sebenernya, tapi ngga apa-apa lah abis gw baru sempet update jurnal sih. Hehe. Mavin salah gw semuanya ya, gw tau slh gw udah bjibun banget. Gw juga mavin semua kok hehe. :p

Lebaran tahun ini biasa banget,sepi banget malah menurut gw.Tahun lalu masih mending kayaknya,apalagi tiga tahun lalu pas gw blom pindah rumah.Udah tiga tahun gw pindah rumah,tapi sama tetangga yang temboknya nempel sama tembok rumah gw aja gw nggak kenal.Terrible banget.Gw kangen dah yang namanya keliling-keliling rumah orang dulu,buat halal bihalal(kliling minta mav ma tetangga) pas lebaran.Namanya doang halal bihalal,tapi sebenernya niat minta kue ma angpau tuh,hehe.:pNamanya juga masih kecil.Sekarang sih umur gw uda gak memungkinkan lagi buat ngelakuin ritual wajib lebaran itu.Makanya gw kangen banget sama suasana itu.:(

Libur...bentar lagi berakhir.Gw kangen banget sih sama temen-temen gw di skul.Tapi tetep aja masih kurang liburannyaaa...Gw nggak ke mana-mana.Ngerem doang kek ayam di dalem rumah.Tapi enak dah,bangun siang,makan,nonton doraemon,ol,makan,tus tidur lagi deh,hoho.Besok2 mah udah gag bisa lagi dah nyante-nyante kayak gini lagi.Bangun mesti jam stengah lima.Blajar dari jam 7pagi mpe jam 8malem.Langsung ngegubrak di kasur.Teler.Terus gitu seminggu penuh minus sabtu ma minggu.Bosen bosen dah.

Ah,mana gw blom ngerjain tugas,kimia 30 halaman,ekonomi 50 halaman.Sebenernya gw baru inget tugas ini kemaren.Hehe.Trus gimana ngrjainnya yah?Liburan tinggal besok ma minggu.Hari ini gw udah males banget yang namanya nyolek buku.Iya lah kerjaan gw kan nyolek sabun terus liburan ini,secara mbak gw pulang kampung dan blom balik sesuai jadwal.(Biasa lah mbak2 ada aja alesannya kalo ditanya kenapa telat balik,yang tetangganya mbrojol lah,bapaknya pusing2 lah)

Trus berita buruk,karena gw baru aja menjual komputer rumahan gw dan mempurchase sebuah laptop(yang tragisnya mesti bagi dua sama adek gw) program photoshop gw menghilang begitu saja dan gag bisa dicopy.Jadi untuk beberapa hari ini gw gag bisa submit any deviation.Mungkin gw haus beli cdya biar bisa diinstall.

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Sorry late :p
1. I’m quiet missing my midskool friends,they really mean a lot to me.
2. I do enjoy my stale-joking activity with my friends :p
3. I was singing live in national tv station when suddenly I realized that I was peeing on the stage at the same time.But it happened when I was a child lah..
4. I can do some cook but I can’t turn on the stove :p
5. I had my test score 90,95,then 25 for physics subject.
6. I used to be a big,really really big fan of anime,game,and stuff.Now I still do,but not as much as before.
7. I hate papaya.
8. I can’t get over him even that there’s already 1 month and 1 week passed me by without him.

And now I tag :iconavina-uchiha::iconrishqkurouarisu::iconbeydee:
Uh,have no idea anymore who I want to tag...

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Yeah,have a nice weekend everyone.
aduhh seidhh bangett.gagbisaa datengg yahh smua.guw bner2 sebel banget ga bisa dateng devmeet.ahhh.rasanya malai banged yh yg udah repot jdnya gra2 guw udah gembargembor blg mo dtg.hhu.guw bner2 nyesel bgdbgd gabisa dateng.

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18 or lower means you're not stupid.

[x] Gum has fallen out of your mouth when you were talking.
[x] Gum has fallen out of your mouth when you were NOT talking.
[ ] You have ran into a glass/screen door.
[ ] You have jumped out/off of a moving vehicle.
[ ] You have thought of something funny and laughed out loud, then people gave you weird looks.
[ ] You have ran into a tree.
[ ] It is possible to lick your elbow
[ ] You just tried to lick your elbow. (hahahaha)
[ ] You never knew that the Alphabet and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star have the same rhythm.
[x] You just tried to sing them. (Damn you thing XD)
[ ] You have tripped on your shoelace and fallen.
[x] You have choked on your own spit.
[ ] You have seen the the Matrix and still don't get it.
[x] You didn't notice that in the last question "the" was spelled twice
[x] You just looked at it (HAHA.... sigh)
[ ] Your hair is blonde/dirty blonde.
[ ] People have called you slow.
[ ] You have accidentally caught something on fire
[x] You tried to drink out of a straw, but it went into your nose/eyes.
[ ] You have caught yourself drooling.
[x] You've fallen asleep in class.
[ ] If someone says "fart" you laugh.
[x] sometimes you just stop thinking.
[x] You are telling a story and forget what you were talking about
[ ] People shake their heads and walk away from you.
[x] You are often told to use your "inside voice"
[x] You use your fingers to do simple math.
[ ] You have eaten a bug. ( I was about 2 or 3 when i did )
[x] You are taking this test when you should be doing something important
[x] You have put your clothes on backwards or inside out, and didn't realize it.
[x] You've looked all over for something and realized it was in your hand, hair or pocket.
[x] You sometimes post bulletins because you are scared that what they say will happen to you if you don't even when you know it won't happen to you.
[x] You break a lot of things.
[ ] Your friends know not to use big words around you
[x] You sometimes tilt your head when you're confused
[x] You have fallen out of your chair before
[ ] When you're laying in bed, you try to find pictures in the texture of the ceiling
[x] The word "umm" is used many times a day.

Total: 20

Repost as "I've Done 20 of 38 Stupid Things"

and now I tag...

:iconbeydee: :iconrishqkurouarisu: :iconfugaki: :iconrchlrchl:

sapa lagi yahh...bnun...udah dulu deh :D
have fun.smoga bisa cepet seneng lagi :D
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yampun,omigosh,omg,ya Allah......
guwe pusing banget dah,bnun,guguk sumpah guwe.

feel sorry,nyesel.guw masi syg bgd sm dy.